Monday, November 2, 2009

Copic Examples

My Copic Certification class was taught by the funny and very talented Sally Lynn MacDonald. Even though I had already taken two classes from a certified instructor, I learned so much from Sally Lynn. It was a great class!

Here are two samples, even though I haven't had time yet to make them into cards. These samples use only simple blending - no advanced techniques. The first is, of course, a House Mouse stamp. I used the following colors: for the mice on each end - C2, C4, R20, and B21. For the baby in the middle - W1, W3, B21 and R 20. For the grass - G21 and G24. For the yellow ribbon - Y02 and Y08. I did not write down my blue & red ribbon colors. Sorry about that.

The next sample is a Christmas Bell image from Sweet Impressions. I used B24, B26, R27, R29, C2, C4, C6. For the shadow around the bells I used C1 and the Colorless Blender 0.

I did get outside the lines in a couple of places, but I can blame that on a "dip in my macula". Don't ask. . . but trust me, you don't want it. It puts a little distortion right in the center of your vision.




  1. These samples are BEAUTIFUL, Cathy! No wonder your students want you to teach an advanced class!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

  2. your samples are beautiful! A dip in your macula? I wonder if that is what I have...Was it hard to diagnose?

  3. Your samples are wonderful- is there a technique with Macula in the name coming soon to TJ's? Dipping into the Macula or Macula dipping??? TFS